Bad week 

Just seem to be all over the place this week, I don’t know if it’s because of the work I’m doing on myself, and it’s bringing up too many feelings or if I’m just having a bad week in general. I don’t think I’m overthinking stuff, I am trying to be honest with myself and my HP, but I do feel let down by someone, and it’s having a negative impact on me….I know that I have no control  over another’s actions, but if  those actions are hurtful to me would that not give me reason to feel sad. I own the fact that because I have been basically ignored when asking for help has hurt me, it has reinforced my feelings of negative self worth, and I am fighting that, but thought by writing it down I might get a clearer understanding of what is going on for me. I’m loving my home group and feel it is very beneficial to me I am opening up and being honest, I even raised my concerns for my other group. Not concerns but I’m feeling very much not part of the group at the moment, I feel as though people are looking to me for experience strength and hope and right now it’s not happening.  I don’t have the strength right now to give. We have recently  had a lot of newcomers to my second group, this is great I’m grateful that their HP’s have brought them to recovery – but there are lots of personalities that I don’t feel comfortable with. I think I’m overwhelmed by trying to process what everyone is saying…when the group was smaller it was easier but with so many newcomers not listening to our principals it is actually making me feel very uncomfortable. If I sit there and say nothing nothing will change but this is not my group, it’s our group and if the majority don’t challenge cross talk or Interruptions is it my place to ☹️ I suppose if it is causing me upset then yes it is. Besides I’m caring for the group not caretaking we have the principals there to keep the group safe so maybe I need to voice that.  


Where am I going…

  • I feel as tho I have hit some sort of a wall, I have struggled with my program, no not struggled but not got very far, procrastination is a shortcoming of mine, if I have something that I am not happy to do I put it off, no one is forcing me, to do my step work, my sponsor isn’t on my case, so I let it be…why would anyone want to do a fearless moral inventory? I know many stop or falter on this step, it’s a hard one to do! I guess that when you have not had to look at yourself or have been so in denial of all your feelings for so long, being asked to be honest and truthful about all the bad shit you’ve done its hard better to forget about it. It’s not only that tho I realise that the negative feelings I have had stem from the codependency I have, so the bad things the uncomfortable things that have happened have been as a direct result of me looking for love or wanting acceptance. The fear the anger the resentments are all symptoms of the disease. Well I am working it slowly and maybe that’s the way isn’t it? As long as I am giving it thought and changing in positive ways that has to be for the better, twice this week I have stepped back from voicing my opinion. Not my circus not my monkey! I guess their HP will guide them in the right direction.

Well that’s me done for now, it’s late I need sleep


Living ‘in the moment’ while in recovery

I was explain this to someone yesterday so has come at a great time, as it explains perfectly the point that it’s not the getting in to recovery but addressing the issues and staying in recovery. Thank you to Eric for sharing and Luke for writing


Today I would like to share with you an article written by Luke Pool.

Luke Pool is a grateful member of the Recovery community. He has found his purpose in life by helping those who suffer from the diseases of addiction. He uses blogging and social media to raise awareness about this epidemic, affecting every part of this country. Now working for Stodzy internet marketing, he is able to pursue his passion by informing as many people as possible about addiction. Originally from Austin, Texas he now lives in South Florida.

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Living ‘in the moment’ while in recovery

Dane O’Leary

When a person is in the throes of…

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Reflections – Keep Coming Back

Today is my 3rd anniversary of joining NAR-ANON. Every year I learn more about myself and how the program works. I came broken, I put blame on the addict whilst refusing to think that I had done anything wrong. Locked in my codependent mind set I saw myself as a victim. Granted I hadn’t been treated well, but had made all my own decisions to do what I did. I didn’t think that of course at the time I thought I didn’t have the choice to walk away, I wanted to fix something that wasn’t mine to fix. Being told over and over to have faith that he would get back into recovery held me there. The worse it got the more I wanted to stay, to see it thro, to prove I wouldn’t give up on him. Now with every passing month I see the changes I have made, by giving strength and hope to others starting in their journeys I see myself, lost desperate for help, wanting the addict in their lives to stop using, but the pain we experience is inflicted by our own wants and desires, not the addicts. I understand that now, but probably took longer than it should to accept or even realise. 

Step one – Came to realise We are powerless over the addict and my life had become unmanageable. 

My life was in a mess that’s for sure I even believed I was powerless over him, but not to the point of understanding I have now. What that really means. To be fair I think it was post step 3 ( turn my will over to the God of my understanding) that Step 1 started to make sense. It’s not my job it’s Gods job to guide the addict. My job is to let go let God and focus on me. I dare say as I work the program and I mean work it not be a passive passenger, I will look back in another year and think how much further I have come on again, and that’s good. I look forward to it. My journey to recovery in both the fellowships I am now attending is positive, I am starting to get a feeling for me and who I could be, left it a bit late but I am finding serenity and for that I will always be grateful. 

One year on 

Back to the future! Posted on March 13, 2016 by hopelesslesslyaddicted

Things went as I thought they would, he was open to my fears and concerns but knew the right things to say back! He’s going to try to get somewhere else has agreed to let me find my head (and heart!) but now it’s up to him to prove me wrong. Of course he said the right things he wants to have an easy clean and happy life free of drugs and in recovery ( apparently with me) but where as 6 months ago I would have been well made up hearing his words today I was cynical. Of course I (don’t) know it must be horrible being told that your plans for the future are being changed last minute that you are no longer welcome when just a couple of weeks ago you were, coming off drugs in prison with little or no control over a situation must be very dis empowering and that wasn’t / isn’t my intention. But keeping me safe from addiction is. There is no place in my life for drugs or the drama it brings with it. There is no place in my life for mistrust and the drama that comes with that either. It’s complicated for sure but I will get thro it. With the love and guidance from my fellowship and HP. It might take a little longer than I wanted due to outside agencies needing to be involved but what will be will be. I didn’t back down but have to be reasonable given the shortness of time. We have both agreed that it’s not reasonable to expect him to find somewhere at such short notice ( if his bro don’t help him) but likewise it’s not fair on me to live in constant worry and mistrust. Right now I wish I could just take off somewhere for a couple of months with my dog and come home and just get on with my life in peace…no addicts no dramas no messed up head and heart! It’s not denial, it’s not even running away but I would just like all involved to sort out their shit without me being dragged into it. I like K he can be good company he’s how he was when I met him ( and that is dangerous for me!) I don’t like wishing my life away I don’t even really want to hover over a future that hasn’t come yet but for once I would like to fast forward and see what where and who is in my life in the next 6 months….I don’t want to go back to the future, but I wouldn’t mind if Marty could have a look and tell me 😀 

 One year on and things are so much better. He relapsed sadly but I didn’t. It took another stint in prison for him before I finally got the courage to change the things I can, when blog posts come up on my FB feed I reflect back. With the program on my side I knew I couldn’t change him, that as he spiralled out of control and back into addiction there was nothing I could do to stop it. The program taught me that. It was hard. I was in love with a false image of someone. I was trying to do the right thing – it’s hard when you’re being asked to have faith that the addict will actually succeed this time, that they promise that this time it will be different, so you stay you believe and when relapse happens you stay and believe because you have to have faith they will find recovery! And so it goes. When I said to him I couldn’t stay any longer but did have faith that one day he would find recovery and when he did he could then contact me a small part of me didn’t expect him to stay away. It’s weird and has taken time to get use to the idea, that this time he has actually respected my wishes or maybe thinks he’s burned his bridges, but in the time I have known him he has always always turned to me in times of need. So now I wonder if you ever get over being with an addict. Is he alive? Is he using? Is he in prison? Is he in rehab? I would like to know if he’s ok, but can’t contact his family to find out as that might be misconstrued as me wanting him back. I don’t think he would understand my genuine interest in how he’s getting on as anything else. So there you have it. 

I get comfort from a fellowship member who’s addictive loved one also disappeared offthe face of the earth. She too left wondering, tho she has heard that he’s alive in recovery and that must be so painful for her to know whilst she supported him when using now he’s in recovery doesn’t want to be with her.  I dare say ashamed for what he put her thro, but hurtful all the same. I am grateful for my fellowship and I’m grateful that I can live in peace and serenity. I am grateful to K for respecting my wishes. So a year ago I wondered where I would be? And now I have my answer. 

Choose life!

So I went and watched T2. I guess for a lot of you going to see a film isn’t such a biggy but for me it’s the first time I’ve gone to see a film in a cinema by myself! Anyway it wasn’t so scary haha.

As I said in a previous  post I was apprehensive because after rewatching T1 I wondered what 20 years later would be portrayed. Well – is the answer! There were some poignant moments of course, some of the scenes struck a chord the hopes and dreams of addicts. The inability to stop using the ability to stop using, bringing back my hopes and dreams for the addict that brought me here. I would have wanted to see T2 regardless of my recent insight but would I have gone to see it at the cinema? Who knows but I didn’t want to wait til it came out on download. But had a good evening – home now of course eaten and now just putting my thoughts down. I enjoyed the experience of watching on the big screen might even go again if there is something worth watching. Anyway it was worth the effort for me to go. I don’t make resolutions but I did promise myself to do more with my life. Focusing on my step work getting out and doing more things rather than the isolation of being at home. When you’ve been cut off from society thro addiction it’s hard to break that habit. I lost my closest friend thro addiction. I do have people to hang out with but that’s at the pub and I don’t want to go and drink so that’s kinda off limits! Anyway enough ramblings with no purpose and in the words of Renton Choose Life 😀

Just doing it for me 😊

I do like pay day! In the past I use to dread it, endless demands for money and there was no way out of it, even if I wasn’t with him it would be constant phone calls until I transferred money. Total stress. I had absolutely no excuse not to give him what he wanted ( apart from not wanting to but that went unheard) Even when we weren’t together he used to make a reappearance around pay day. But now I get paid and I can go out and buy nice things. I know that’s not so important that material things aren’t so important in the big scheme of things, but little treats are nice at times. Today I bought a pestle and mortar and some cushion covers! Hardly world stopping but I’m trying to make my house nice. I live alone with my dog so I want to be in a aesthetically pleasing environment when I’m in the house. Anyway that’s all really finding my way back to my life getting it all back together #feelingbetter 


T2 has gone live in the cinema, I am tempted but it’s such a long time since I saw T1 I was uncertain. I remember watching T1 and enjoying it but also remember being shocked by it – there are some nasty moments in it. But that was before before I had lived with a heroin addict! If I’m to watch T2 then I would have to watch T1 again, how would it be perceived now – now I’ve experienced what it’s really like not a film portrayal. But I downloaded it watched it and in fairness to Danny Boyle it’s actually very good still shocking in bits the violence is raw the ‘worse toilet in Scotland’ still is but I totally got it this time…the lengths addicts will go to to get what they need, probably in my subconscious why I hated K shooting up in toilets! Saw thro a different perspective than 20 years ago but still as real – probably more so! So yes I will go and see T2. Will be interesting to see how 20 years has changed them all. 


No biggy really it’s not like my worlds gonna end, but sometimes when you have been totally honest with yourself and done all that you can do to make something happen and it doesn’t it’s disappointing. That’s where I find myself tonight. I’m a Slimming World member. Bingeing is part of my make up, food drink excitement the OC behaviours I mentioned in my last ( second from last) post. SW gives me boundaries. I try hard to stick to them. I get an allowance of ‘syns’ for those unhealthy life choices such as sugar fat and alcohol. Most weeks I stick like glue to my 105 syns a week or 15 a day. If I have a few extra at the weekend I still have some flexibility to have some treats in the week too. So when I had stuck 💯% to my plan and lost not 1oz of weight it makes me disappointed. Over Christmas week I lost 2lbs how can that be?!? On holiday in Spain I gained 4lbs totally knew why I ate and drank more than I would usually I had little control over the food and how it was prepared but I did have choices regarding the drink. I chose unwisely but that was ok. Now this week being on plan not lying ( to myself)  about even 1 syn to have maintained was a total shock! I post most my food every day on Instagram so my consultant sees what I eat, even he can’t figure it out! If I was a secret food eater or drinker I would know in my heart how it had gone wrong! If I’d gone wildly over my syn allowance I would know why! I know this might be boring to read and I apologise but it’s bugging me and I wanted to get it out there! Out of my head so I don’t waste hours ruminating about it. No doubt I’ve done something wrong but can’t work it out just yet! Maybe not enough water but I did drink gallons of green tea ☕️. Well that’s it I will try not to think about it and put it to bed, where I’m going to go myself!