Bit about me



As as stated on my home page this is about me, and my life living with my boyfriend’s heroin addiction and how I became an addict to his addiction. To start with it will be ‘the story’ of my life with him and the way addiction turned me from a normal woman in love with a decent man, who relapsed back to using, how I enabled his addiction and when we found a path of recovery what happened to us both and is still happening. I hope that even though I relapse back to my addictive ways, as he does,  you will follow me on my journey into full recovery.




3 thoughts on “Bit about me

    1. Thank you for your kind comments. To start with it was a way to cope with the pain but now it’s becoming more about me and my journey thro my programme of recovery with the 12 step programme. Yes at times it must read like a serial drama but it is true, I haven’t exaggerated I didn’t need to. This is the reality of living with an addict in the UK. For someone like me who had no idea of the fevers taint affects addiction has not only on the addict but everyone that knows the addict and the ripple effect that brings. Hope you enjoy ( if that’s the right word) reading my posts and if in a similar situation it helps to know you are not alone. Again I think you for taking the time to read my story X

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