Just doing it for me šŸ˜Š

I do like pay day! In the past I use to dread it, endless demands for money and there was no way out of it, even if I wasn’t with him it would be constant phone calls until I transferred money. Total stress. I had absolutely no excuse not to give him what he wanted ( apart from not wanting to but that went unheard) Even when we weren’t together he used to make a reappearance around pay day. But now I get paid and I can go out and buy nice things. I know that’s not so important that material things aren’t so important in the big scheme of things, but little treats are nice at times. Today I bought a pestle and mortar and some cushion covers! Hardly world stopping but I’m trying to make my house nice. I live alone with my dog so I want to be in a aesthetically pleasing environment when I’m in the house. Anyway that’s all really finding my way back to my life getting it all back together #feelingbetter 


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