T2 has gone live in the cinema, I am tempted but it’s such a long time since I saw T1 I was uncertain. I remember watching T1 and enjoying it but also remember being shocked by it – there are some nasty moments in it. But that was before before I had lived with a heroin addict! If I’m to watch T2 then I would have to watch T1 again, how would it be perceived now – now I’ve experienced what it’s really like not a film portrayal. But I downloaded it watched it and in fairness to Danny Boyle it’s actually very good still shocking in bits the violence is raw the ‘worse toilet in Scotland’ still is but I totally got it this time…the lengths addicts will go to to get what they need, probably in my subconscious why I hated K shooting up in toilets! Saw thro a different perspective than 20 years ago but still as real – probably more so! So yes I will go and see T2. Will be interesting to see how 20 years has changed them all. 


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