A sign? 

Before writing my last post I had the urge to clean the office! Nothing drastic but just to see if there was anything I could de-clutter! I found a couple of boxes and in them were  3 rings. One my old wedding ring and 2 Chanel rings from a set of 3. The third is down the back of the fire place…. that’s another story in itself! I had looked several times for theses rings before and never found them. I had assumed they had been taken and pawned. K I did you an injustice, for that I apologise however it’s was well within your scope to do something like that so won’t beat myself up about having those thoughts! 

But I wonder why now they have come to light? Why now in 2 separate boxes I have found them? I know it sounds crazy but is it a sign of something? If it is can you show me where my iPad mini is? I put it somewhere and can’t find it! You asked me where it was the last time you were here and I said I didn’t know, of course I thought he had taken it! I thought he had taken the rings ( I’ve said that I know) if you’re making amended from the other side I accept! 

Just a little musing on a Monday afternoon! Who knows?? I have looked in those boxes before I know I have that’s why I was so shocked to see them…. anyway I share it with you as what ever the reason I’m pleased to have them back 😀 


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