Not much to say

Not much battery life left on phone so will leave this here! Been told some bloody awful things tonight by someone I knew a long time ago – she is disabled And had been treated in my view disgustingly. I also heard this morning that dear friend had passed over – still waiting to find out how or why but he too lived with someone in addiction we had bonded over this and spent many afternoon chatting shit about how awful it was , yes we were both co- di’s and loved the martyrdom! I did try a few times to get him to go to Al-anon but he didn’t. His addicted loved one was his mum…. Mum is still alive and he is not… Too many questions too many emotions right now but trying to get my head around  it all  

And that is all I want to say tonight

This is my FB status which kinda says the same thing…..

 Lots of u know I have had My ‘problems’ over the last 4 years but I have my home I have an income have my dog. I have food in the house I have my bills paid and for that I will be grateful. I have a little extra money and can help others with that in the form of donations money food. My time to others I give freely my service to my fellowship I give freely I do not expect thanks or anything in return this is what I want to do in thanks for what I have from them. Sometimes people confide in me again Of which I feel humbled But sometimes just sometimes I am left feeling completely totally overwhelmed by things people tell me – powerless angry and frustrated For me because I can’t do anything and for them because they are powerless in a country that’s so poor has had so many cuts that basic human rights are stripped bare and the most vulnerable are mistreated and abused

3 thoughts on “Not much to say

  1. We do know that horrible feeling of being useless or not being able to help.

    We have to face it that at certain times we are just powerless angry and frustrated because we canā€™t do anything for those who are crying for help and are living in terrible circumstance often in a powerless society in a country at war, or having their basic human rights stripped bare. Even when they cal on us for help we are ashamed and sad we can not help, because our funds are very limited, our church having already negative figures, though we are based in a so called Christian wealthy capitalist state.

    The best we can do in such circumstances is to give them a voice and let the rest of the world know about those in need and difficulties.

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