Keeping it real 

As said previously I  am trying very hard to keep the blog’s focus on me..yep what brought me here was the pain of living with another’s addiction…over the last 4 years I have also come to realise I became a co-dependant an enabler and addicted to places people and things. I was hurting really hurting I had been betrayed I had given everything emotionally and financially and had been pissed on from a great height, I had every reason to feel angry and upset when I was in that mind set! So as I know another’s behaviour will impact on me I am trying to move the focus from him and on to me. Sometimes I will still refer to him of course he is what has brought me to this place brought me into co-dependency and enabling but this blog hurts him he is very private ( of course he’s an addict with all the feelings that brings the shame the pain but also I have to think about how I would feel if someone was writing about my every move!!!) so reader I am shifting gear…shifting focus I have been trying but honestly I probably only write when something he does triggers a reaction in me. So here we are…my journey out of co-dependency . My ‘partner’ /’boyfriend’ is a drug addict my blog did focus on all the pain that caused me when I was in co-dependency but now I am looking forward and will talk about my journey into and keeping my serenity. I didn’t realise there was another way to live, to live with another’s addiction, but whilst I have started my recovery I have come to realise there is another way. It’s not easy sorting out and separating helping and enabling, supporting and co-dependency, being and doing. But when you live with addiction that is actual what you have to do. So dear reader lets go back to the start of my recovery you know what and why I am here. Read or know the drama I went through, let’s celebrate the fact I am now able to talk about my recovery…. 


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