Recovery is a long journey! 

Ok I have been lucky in my recovery I gave met some great people…people that don’t mind sharing their story with me and where they get their inspiration and wisdom from. For those of us in recovery the bane Melodie Beattie will be familiar. I am working on my co- dependency issues and her books are more than helpful. It’s like when i read her works the words jump out and slap me! It’s like YES!!! That’s it!! Today I downloaded ‘the Language of Letting Go’ if you haven’t read it get it! Especially if you are in recovery. OMgosh it’s just so readable and relevant. ( of course as are all her text!) that’s it but guessing I am really going to spring forward with this now! So far it has affirmed I have now been doing the right thing ! I if its not ggot my name on it walk away. Others drama is not my drama. To remove myself and detach with love I have to hang to  that  thought! 


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