Minding my own business 

mmm I have met some cool people on here, some honest people, some troubled people, and some fucking screwy do your head in people! I have had support, encouragement, honest comments that I might not agree with but accepted the writers view. If I follow your blog I sometimes post a reply if it has some how touched my heart, if people follow me I have a look see to see what you’re writing if it interests me I follow, if I don’t follow you but you write a reply I usually answer. I know what it feels like to feel inadequate low self esteem, little confidence and self worth. I am working on it! My fellowship is helping and I am getting better and in recovery. 

So what am I whittling on about? What I am actually thinking is that I need to mind my own business. It didn’t have my name on it but I jumped right in there! Granted not like I have in the past. Just shared a bit of my fellowship’s wisdom my experiences strength and hope as others have with me. 

Ok here’s the low down some one started following my blog we started exchanging comments and replies, started building what I thought was trust supporting each other then bam! She cuts me off not just me everyone makes her blog private, cuts off the support and love she was getting from us blogging community. Her choice of course – a drinker tho so maybe that had something to do with it? Maybe she’s reading this? If you are whilst i understand it’s your right to publish or not and its good that you are taking your life back out into the community and going to make ‘real’ friends that’s healthy. But I felt a bit hurt that you started to build up trust with people ( me) and then gone! In my honest opinion that’s just fucked up. But once again maybe that says more about me. 

Just getting this out here so I can park it and move on. 

What have I learnt? – I need to mind my own business, stop identifying with addicts/needy people and trying to be ‘nice’ to them, making them feel good about themselves and focus on me and make me feel good about myself without ‘helping’ others. 



5 thoughts on “Minding my own business 

  1. You are getting things a bit twisted, i think. When a person posts something they put it out there for their own reasons, yes. You shared a comment, but you have no say on where a person takes that really, we are all different and although you believe you are offered an explanation, i dont think so, not trying to be horrible but recognise that the other person has a right to do stuff their own waay without being judged. Just hope she is good and that one day she posts and is great. PEACE

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    1. Fair comment Drew. I thought I had owned it tho and said I thought it said more about me and my needs, and how I jump in to save people, a shortcoming of mine. But I accept there was anger in my post, and know I need to distance myself and not take things so personally. But likewise my feelings are also mine and I put them out there – I need not make an apology for that 😊

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  2. I can relate to making trusting supportive friends on-line and the bam they are gone. I’m administrator of an on-line women’s group for recovering ladies. The administrators were tight knit, we communicated with each other on a private thread, trusted each other, supported each, work well together helping our group members. Then people starting having conflict with the women who started the group and then 3 of them left the group with no word, then 2 more and before I knew it everyone was gone but the women who started the group and myself. Whey started their own group. Some of them blocked me because I chose to remain. I wasn’t about to desert the women who started the group or our 5000+ members because of their conflict. It wasn’t my business and I’m not a person who “takes side”. Some of us, although they choose to leave, remain friends. I’ll tell you what, all that nonsense pissed me off. As a recovering women I’m not about to get drawn into drama. That used to be my life as an alcoholic/addict. Stay blessed.

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    1. Thank you I appreciate your
      time and comments. I have learn much from this and me not identifying and reaching out is 2 of the things I have learnt. I can identify but not to get drawn into it. We are all so fragile and I obviously miss judged the person or her recovery.
      I will keep my sharing to my blog and my fellowship and not interfere with other people’s recovery as I obviously was expecting too much in return.

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