Goodbye Ziggy 

So another legend passes away. It was what I woke up to this morning. Of course I didn’t know him but had been to his shows  bought his music probably was a bit obsessive over him at one point. I suppose I have always been attracted to the unusual – the unconventional. Maybe that’s why I am now where I am. I don’t do boring, I don’t like the 2.4 children nuclear family maybe I should have maybe I would have grown up? I am not saying there’s anything wrong with being unconventional I think it’s good to be different. Something with a bit of an edge keeps me on my toes. But now I am getting tired. I want happy but not boring. Maybe I get a kick out of being with someone a bit more edgy than me? When I lived in the chaos of addiction I was exhausted I didn’t realise how infected and ill I had become. I was often scared scared that we would get caught by the police when scoring, scared he would OD, scared that I didn’t have the money we needed, scared he would get arrested. He got arrested I didn’t have enough money we got stopped by the police he even took something one day that he found and was so sick it was madness! I have documented all of this in my blog earlier so won’t repeat it. All my fears came true, it didn’t stop him from using it didn’t make me see the light and get help for myself, but now I thank my HP that I found my fellowship, that my HP guided me to it, that I can now address my issues let go of things are not mine to worry about. Today I am grateful for my fellowship and programme ( still stuck on my step but meeting my sponsor on Thursday ) but I am also thankful that for 69 years David Robert Jones was alive and shared his talent with us. Rest in Peace. Your music was genius

Actually just an after thought he was the king of reinvention constantly changing into something new more progressive I guess proof that if we want to change it is possible 😊


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