New year resolutions

I made a few half hearted attempts at resolutions this year, I don’t mean choosing things I can’t or won’t achieve but the things I chose are just things I already do or wanted to do. Write my blog more often do my 12 steps with a bit more conviction and put it into practice! Give up drinking ( as much!) so here we go, the blog! The drinking yep that’s under control nothing for 8 days was planning on a dry January but had already arranged last year to meet up with a mate at the end of the month so will have one night on then do the rest of the month. Yes I am cracking on with my step work but as I said in my last post some of the questions are deep concepts. I don’t go into these resolutions that are going to change the world if I want to join a gym I can join it in December not the new year. I remember the last time I stopped smoking that was October 2013 – I had stopped before for 6 years then started again so had been toying with the idea for 4 years so when the mind was made up it happened – midnight 31/12/2015 is the wrong time in my mind or worse 1/1/2016 when there is a good chance too much alcohol or what ever has been consumed to be making life changing decisions – if it needs changing or improving do it when it needs to be done. Ok rant over – if you made resolutions good luck with them it’s not for me to pass judgement when or if you make or follow them. I just think for me it’s about doing things when they need to be done, my journey is about making me a more rounded spiritual person, to let go and let God not to interfere with the addicts life. That’s a pretty big thing in itself so no I have no time for daft resolutions that are forgotten after a couple of weeks, I guess what I am planning to do aren’t even half hearted they are pretty life changing!


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