Feeling a bit scared! 

Off to another fellowship tonight feeling incredible nervous! I love my group but once a week isn’t enough so found another that I can go to different issue but addiction is addiction right!?! The substance might be different but it still affects us on the outside the same. Hoping it will help with getting on with my step work a bit faster. I know it’s not a race and I can do this in my own time but need all the help I can get right now. My ‘home’ group is great but a lot of newcomers I need to be the newbie for a while and get strength from others.

I hope I can find the venue I haven’t a clue where it is well I have but don’t remember seeing the building – oh well if it’s to be I will find it. But walking into a building of people I don’t know is very very scary! My ‘home’ group is via Skype I don’t see anyone it really is anonymous-  this fellowship  is where I live ( a small town)  and chances are I will recognise a few faces. That throws up loads of issues for me. But know I will get a warm welcome so with my HP behind me I will find strength and hope for sure!  


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