Taking strength from others 

my last blog was about how I don’t want others feeding off dramas in my life…getting a hit a buzz what ever comparing their ‘perfect lives’ with my dysfunctional one. Sounds a bit harsh the dysfunctional! Ok I had drama I had all of a sudden a different life style, I went from an ordinary ‘middle class’ woman with a good well paid job to not having any money and living day to day in a world I knew nothing about…I needed to talk to someone-  of course. That aside my fellowship plus the others NA, AA, GA, FA…. We talk we share we get strength from that, but for me we don’t get a buzz from hearing others pain, we understand we share our own experiences to comfort others. 

A fellow blogger has just celebrated his 2 year anniversary free from drugs the biggy the one no one really understands ( or had taken)  in my circle of people the big H! I can’t tell you how much strength I have had from following his blog, his successes his odd failure trying to give up the cigarettes, his honesty. If you read this read his if you don’t fromstruggletostrength.wordpress.com Eric Ease is the name he uses to write his blog. This man has consitantly given me hope and strength, has been free with his experiences his struggles thro his life. When I read his blog I think if only K could do this, it’s possible this man is living proof! He explains things in a way that is easy to understand even if you don’t have exprence of addiction. He has kept me going at my lowest points, has given me hope for anyone that has addiction, has made me seen how my life has/had to change, how addiction is so bloody hard to leave to one side how it tries to mug you off and persuade addicts to use. 

So this post is to say thank you Eric you are an inspiration my friend, congratulations on your 2 year anniversary you will have many more, you give more strength and hope than you probably realise, and sometimes taking strength from others is all we can do, it’s a positive – and it’s definitely not the same as sucking the life force from someone or getting a buzz from others misery 😊 


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