No end in sight just yet

so the car is fixed I have new PIN numbers and cards and have been paid. Have paid what I owe back to my parents ( except £75) for the locks as I have to MOT the car and need one more tyre and new brakes, but hopefully once that’s out the way no more expense! Since my last post I have had 2 signification phone calls one from the police asking if i could take K’s stuff to the detox centre. I said when I have time. The same day well nite he called ( breach of bail conditions but can’t  I be arsed!) asking if I could leave the stuff outside mine on Friday coz he wasn’t sure if the detox place would accept it until he had started there. He said he had a place  he was going in. I said by all means but there are 7 bin bags. Can’t I put it in a suit case? No I can’t and ur lucky I still have it. But take it get it from my yard and what ever is still there when I get back from work goes to the tip the next day. I don’t know if he has a place in detox whether he is just trying to get his stuff or back in the house. He can’t get in the house new locks! How he is going to get all his things 8 miles to detox isn’t my problem. Harsh? Yes but it’s the way it has to be and he should be grateful I don’t tell the police he called. Any shit and I will, but if he’s going to detox good, what good it will do I do not know. He tried to make out he had been evicted but chose his words carefully, the landlady has changed the locks…. I have been sleeping all over…yes well she would wouldn’t she because you can’t lock the flat  up because your keys are at mine! When u took off and acted on impulse! So yes she probably has changed the locks and given you a key so the property is secure! Yes u probably are sleeping all over coz u r trying to score and borrow money,  I did think for a minute or two that he had been evicted but then thought about the words he used. He didn’t lie but he didn’t tell the truth and that is exactly what you live with when you live with an addict in active addiction half truths   How many times did he say ‘I didn’t lie to you!’ ‘I am telling you the truth’  but it’s twisted, it’s not the whole truth and nothing but the truth it’s the what I want you to believe truth! Ah well enough for now maybe Friday will be the end of it for me. I hope so. Have to give an additional statement to the police tomorrow 😩 they missed off something u told them from the original. Oh well better get some sleep another early start tomorrow – may we  find peace x 


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