Mixed emotions 

today was one of them mixed emotions days. After battling with the car insurance people they conceded to have my car transported fromMacclesfield   to my home address. This had taken 2 lengthy phone calls and me insisting to talk to a manager before they agreed. I was told that as my car had been recovered and there was no damage then I was responsible to pay for the recovery and get the car myself. I explained that 1 both the holding garage and the police had advised me that the insurance company would pay for this – as was the normal procedure – and 2 at that point in time I still didn’t have replacement bank cards so was unable to get any money out as the nearest branch is 7 miles away and only open 9-5 my usual working hours. They basically couldn’t care less. It took a lot of persuasion and I was told repeatedly that I would now have it logged on my record that I had a fault claim against me…I kept asking what this meant, did it mean I was being held responsible for my car being stolen and the woman just kept repeating there will be a fault claim put on record, I kept asking what does this mean in plain English and the question was swerved more times than I can mention. However what ever it actually means in the long term,  I got the car back. It was not undamaged as promised though. Firstly when the car arrived it had the spare wheel on again. I asked the tow truck man if he knew why. It was like that when it came in. Great I had just paid out £90 for that tyre, and if the spare was on must have a flat. Indeed I did. Well actually the tyre was ripped. He said that’s been done by someone hitting the kerb at speed! Great thanks K more expense! The car was covered in black finger print powder and looks a mess. But the inside was awful. I had left a bowl of my dogs food in the car, and the car had been taken before I had chance to take it out. It was still there. Upside down rotting and stinking in the front passenger foot well. I have a strong stomach but even I was nearly sick. The carpet is ruined. The car stinks and I think will need a good valet. But I got the car back. Also I got a call from the police to say K had been arrested. My heart was pounding when they told me. He was in Lancaster which scared me, what if he came here when he was released. Our stories didn’t match ( of course!) he said I had allowed him to take the car and my phone and he said he didn’t know the bank cards were there when I gave him the phone. Did I know he was disqualified from driving? No I did not! I knew he had been banned years ago but didn’t know he was disqualified. He said he often took my card and got money out but was told to be quiet by his solicitor and then gave a no comment interview. I said yes he knew my PIN number but he did not have permission to take money out of my account that day. The money I had was for something I needed – but regardless he did not have permission to take money from my account. I got the general feeling the police thought this was the avenue they would have to charge him with, as it was my word against his when it came to the car. 😥 I felt upset I felt scared he might come here after being bailed even tho the police said he was bailed to out side the area. But last time he had bail conditions not to contact me but still did. I don’t know why I felt bad that he had been arrested but I did. It’s not like he didn’t deserve it but I still felt bad for him. I guess a very small bit of me still cares for him, don’t get me wrong as long as he chooses drugs I no longer can have anything to do with him. I can’t trust his motives any more and after speaking with Leeza ( yes Leeza the ex!) realise just how much of a user he is. Today has been hard.  Yes I have the car back but right now it’s stressing me out more because I need a new tyre and although my replacement bank cards came today I don’t have the new PIN numbers to activate them. I have limited money and can’t get to the bank in person to withdraw any more. But enough moaning as someone said to me today well next week will be back to normal! I wonder what that means?? I think I have forgotten what normal peace and serenity in my life feels like! I seem to stumble from one crisis to another. I do hope next week is normal, not my normal just quiet everyday normal. Funny how even with limited funds my money stays in my purse when I am alone! Once I can get to the bank and withdraw some money I am going to take Jet to the seaside again. Maybe I will be lucky tomorrow and the garage will accept a telephone payment my parents have come to the rescue again! And said if the garage will accept it they will pay for the new tyre so I am not worrying about my cash flow, but it’s another £50 for yet another tyre, which I will have to pay back on Monday when I get paid. Then let’s hope normality ensues! Well I wish u peace reader and wish me peace too x