• Sometimes when u live with an addict u put up the the unacceptable! One of our slogans is dont put up with the up acceptable and tonight I didn’t! I am scared I am alone and I don’t know if he will be back ( been arrested ) but I know what I won’t put up with & his behaviour tonight made me realise enough was enough. I don’t know if I can forgive…I don’t know if I can release  with love… But I know that if you hit me or throw me around ( making a dent in the bedroom wall with my head!) because I challenge u on being in contact with your ex then you have some serious issues that need addressing but not in my house my space thank you! Violence towards a woman is never acceptable this is not the first time – In the past I have been lucky enough to removed my self – but tonight no enough is enough spend the night in a cell and then fuck off out my life! Wish me well readers coz I need it x