I have to keep on forgiving because if I dont I waste energy on things I have no control over. What I struggle with is if forgiveness can become enabling? By allowing someone to behave in a way I find hurtful will there be an end to that behaviour? Even though I know that it’s not diliberate hurt, it’s just the nature of the relationship we have ( or don’t have). I know our wants are very different. I know the drugs make him behave in a way that is not really acceptable to me, and so I forgive. Not to forgive means I fret about what I have or haven’t done, what he has or hasn’t done….let go let God. I don’t think I understood that phrase for as long as I have been part of the fellowship but I think I am now understanding that I can’t take on the responsibility of his actions, I have to give it over to my HIgher power  to deal with and do what they think is best. What I need to work out is whether I can have any sort of friendship with him and keep on forgiving him. But more importantly what do I get from this very bizarre situation.


3 thoughts on “Forgiveness

    1. Thanks Brad we met this weekend and u know what NO I can’t keep on forgiving. Well I can but I can’t keep letting him back in to mug me off and forgive again! I wish he was more like u had a bit of integrity but that is how far down this pitiful road he is. All integrity has gone. We spoke in length on Saturday about what had happened to him to me to us, and for a short time I believed him. I believed he wanted to get his script transferred to mine for us to start again I took him with me to see a puppy I am getting he was excited about being able to take her for walks and getting a routine, I believed him 😔 but on the way back to mac he asked if he could score ( which wasn’t an issue for me) but then everything went tits up! I will write my blog in a bit and maybe u will read it and give me some feed back! But in short I think he is so desperate now he can’t speak with out lying. So yes you’re right my friend NO is the answer! X


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