Back to Macclesfield 

we had to come back to Macclesfield after Boxing Day as they had only given him a couple of days worth of methadone. I was off until the new year so the next few days we flitted between mine and his. I don’t know how much money he had on release but once we got back to Macclesfield he started asking for money again. I suppose I had come on a bit in my journey but like anything you learn in theory some times putting it into practice is a far lot harder. I now understood that the addiction that we lived with was not mine to help. That if he wanted to use or felt the compultion to use that was his choice. Nothing I could do would stop that. I am powerless over the addict ( step one) I can not control him using drugs any more than I can stop the rain falling. Nothing I had done in the past had prevented him from using.  I might not understand why when he had been free of heroin and crack for 4 weeks he felt the need to start again, there has been a hint that it was so he could cope at my parents but I refused to accept that as an excuse and he soon dropped that one. The only thing I do have any control over is me and my own behaviour. Because part of me still loved this man I had met not what he became and I so wanted him back, I started to relapse back into my old behaviours. I wanted to be with him. Not totally at any cost but enough to start enabling him again. It was just £20 I could afford it – his words not mine. I could tell him yes it was and I could but him using wasn’t part of the deal. I didn’t want to go down that road again. I knew that I shouldn’t help him and yet because I wanted him to want me gave in again and again. For some reason he didn’t have his phone charger. He had bits of paper around the flat with numbers on ( dealers ) and would use my phone to call them. One afternoon he asked if we could go to score. This meant one of 2 places. Congleton or Bolton. He wanted to go to Bolton. I hated going there because I knew that’s where he had been staying with her. But we went and he met up with someone behind a pub in a rough looking area – well I don’t think there is an up town Bolton lol. He got his fix and cooked up in the car and used. I think either because he had had some time off it ( assuming he did when he was inside but that’s not a given) or maybe because the gear in Bolton was a bit less cut, he was out of it. He only had brown but I hadn’t seen him that zonked out before. He was slurring but said lets go. Because i didn’t really know where we were I asked for directions. He told me where to go but I had a feeling it was in the wrong direction. We were in some horrible run down estate pull over he slurs…why why are we stopping here? I knew all to well this must be where she lived how fucking dare he? He mumbled something about getting some stuff he had left there. Really!?! Really you expect me to believe this after 5 months that bitch will still have your things? He didn’t hear me he was out the car stumbling around. He came back after about 5 minutes she’s changed the lock…what is so important that you have brought me here? She has my ID ( passport) and my trainers. Do you really think if it ended so badly she would still have them?

She said she had them.

Oh so you have asked her?

No well she said she had them And left them in the shed but it’s locked.

I felt hurt and humiliated. That he thought it was ok to make me bring him here, well no actually he probably didn’t think it was ok to bring me here which is why he didn’t ask or tell me.

This woman had been completely  evil in my eyes. She had said some hideous things about me and to me. She had somehow taken my man when he was at his most vulnerable and yes if he loved me he would have stayed with me but our relationship had been on rocky ground before he went to detox because we were both so ill. I had become so obsessed with his addiction and was trying to control so much that if it had been me if someone new and exciting had come along someone that hadn’t seen me at my worse was like me free from addiction for the first time in years full of PMA yes I could see why he would hook up with her. I just reminded him of the bad times. But also if he had followed the programme would have to make admends. That means accepting and admitting  the wrongs you have done to others so that you can make admends to those you hurt. I suppose that was partly what I was trying to do do with him. Why I wanted another chance at our relationship. To show him I had learnt the nature of my wrongs and was trying to change my behaviour. That didn’t stop me kicking off big time tho! I think I was partly scared what if she had been in? What if she had come out? But of course worrying about things like that is a waste of energy although it doesn’t stop you. Or at least it didn’t stop me! You know we are told to live for the moment because we will never have that time again yes maybe so but on this occasion it was very much a moment I could have lived without!

There was so much I wanted to say to him but I was wasting my breath because he was still so out of it. I can’t remember now if we went back to mine or his and I don’t suppose it’s important. But another bit of my love for him was eroded that day. Maybe this is what I needed to see him behave towards me like this with no regard for me what so ever as long as he had his £20. It would take a bit more before I had enough and stopped living the lie I had created for myself, but this is my journey to recovery. It isn’t a race to get to step 12 it really is one day at a time.

It’s just over a year since I started coming to the rooms ( meetings ) and I have only just started my step work seriously. I thought if he wasn’t in my life I didn’t need to do the work. That was my biggest mistake. I don’t know if I had continued after he left me if I would be any more prepared – maybe maybe not. But now I can focus on me. I can make sure I do not go down that road again take a different path. I don’t doubt he will call again a couple of weeks. I don’t doubt people will try to take advantage of my good nature but I am not a victim -kindness is not a weakness- it actually takes a lot of strength and courage to deal with the abuse I have gone through. Yes I was in denial of many things but now see it for what it is. I am a work in progress but I am not aiming for perfection!


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