Bit of goodish news

Ok just cos I am sure you want to know! The date was ok…we got on on a superficial level…he doesn’t listen I start to speak and he talks over and gives his opinion on what I am talking about. Not good! He has an interesting view of the world seems a bit spiritual into Chinese horoscopes – so a positive. Thinks he really wants to be in a relationship ( regardless of who I am) not good. Is actually quite amusing and made me laugh – good. Physically very skinny – not good I like a man to weigh more than me not a fatty thank you but I want someone at least to make me feel like a ‘little woman’ I like how he looks ( face) good. He turned up in a dirty coat covered in oil not good. For the first time I have been doing this dating thing in the gaps K and I have been not together I actually felt at ease and enjoyed his company! Very good then! But he doesn’t have a job not good and I really don’t want to go down this I provide for everything route again! So readers, I am going to give him another go but sadly don’t think it is going to be the romance of the year. I feel bad for saying that, because I know he is a nice man ( which for his negatives I think he is) it seems very shallow of me to say I don’t want to date him because he hasn’t got a job 😔 but at 52 I want someone that is at least working or financially on a par with me. If that is shallow then I am, but please feel free to tell me what you think x


7 thoughts on “Bit of goodish news

  1. This was cool to read Karen. It’s cool to see you’re going on dates and moving on from K, awesome!

    Just do what makes you happy 🙂 Reading your post I was dead set on saying that it isn’t fair for you to financially provide for someone (again) as he hasn’t got a job. However it hit me that’s what E is doing for me now and so that changed my thoughts a little bit. Perhaps it depends on his circumstances, why he doesnt have a job, if he wants to get one, If he is trying to get one etc.
    Take care x

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    1. Cheers Brad u know me I am not a gold digger by any means but would like someone that could take me out rather than me pay all the time. But ur right, not having a job isn’t important it’s the person. We can do lots of things that don’t cost money. I don’t expect gifts or to be taken out all expenses paid kindness and respect are free! And that is far more important in any relationship! Early days and very cautious but seeing him again so will see how it goes. And thank you for ur comments and feed back. Always appreciated. A good genuine man is always hard to find rich or poor materially isn’t as important as a good heart. E can see the good man you are and your potential ( as I can). I feel happy to know you even if it is thro a blog! You are a wise man with lots to give TY x


      1. No it’s cool I inderstand. Me and E actually talk about it a lot, she if fine with me not working for now but we both know I will hopefully be working soon! We talk about it openly which is cool though and although I hate her taking me out for meals as she has to pay she is cool with it, but I know myself I can only repay her when I am working myself. Like I say I guess it depends on whether he is happy not working or if he wants to get a job.
        But good luck with when you next see him, I hope it goes well 🙂 it’s cool that you’re moving on

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  2. i used to go from 1 relationship to another when younger, hated being alone. I ENDED UP ALONE WITH MY KIDS and had to stay in every night. At 51 i am happy in my self and have learned to be alone. i recently had a chance of a partner but cos im used to being alone small things bugged me. Try being alone for a while it makes u stronger and u will be able to choose the right partner cos u wont feel u have to

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    1. I totally understand what u are saying….however I have spent a lot of my adult life alone, I am happy with it on a level. But I enjoy doing ‘stuff’ with someone….not just anyone…hence I didn’t pursue the date any further. It doesn’t affirm who I am being with some one. I never wanted to be with an addict I didn’t know he would relapse I didn’t expect it … But u have read a lot of my blog so don’t need to explain it to you. I don’t have kids I choose not to, but I do get lonely of course! Weird I don’t even know why I am trying to justify to a complete stranger why I want adult male company in my life! Make of it what you will 😊


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