This is going to be a short post but just wanted to get in out there. I was going to sit on it and add it later and I will probably repeat it as I usually end up repeating myself lol!

Yesterday I received a txt from my mum, she said that my dads tramadol had gone missing, boxes there but no pills! I wonder where they could have gone then??? Rant over thank you! I will come back to this and I will say how I feel but right now all I want to say is I am fuming that he had the audacity to come into my parents house and steal my fathers pain killers 😤😤😡😡😤😤


5 thoughts on “Outraged!

    1. I think in exactly the same place, maybe with more jail time but I know I have made it easier for him/worse for him by giving him what he wanted. He will get his drugs regardless. He ran up massive debts to the dealers even with me paying for some, I paid off 2 debts for him and he was run over in a car and got his back broken for debts before for I met him. He will get what he needs regardless with or without my help. Just back then I thought I was helping. I know now that I just made it easier for him not to want to stop, because he didn’t have to. It was always a catch 22 for me, I knew every time I paid for a bag he didn’t have to graft for it. But my own ego and reputation was more important to me than having him in jail or court or being pursued by dealers.

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