A bit of perspective

Today’s post is about the impact a young man has recently had on me. It’s a bit off my story but just needs to be said. Since starting this blog a lot of things have happened in my life, K and I met up again, he went to court and jail, I am battling with whether if he wants me in his life in the future for the right reasons and do I want him, and for me just now and probably most importantly I started to read other people’s blogs. As I made my way through the many I started to follow just a few that I felt 1 had substance and 2 I could learn and identify with. I don’t know who reads my blog…I have a bit of an idea but unless you are following me I don’t know. Maybe that’s the best way, this isn’t for a prescribed audience. This is my life through another’s addiction, and if NAR-ANON ( my 12 steps programme) are right then my addiction also. As I have been reading one young mans blog, I have been totally blown away by his courage. This young man is in his 20’s has had a bit of an addiction to a substance got off it. But God help him this young man that should be so full of hope, going out with friends on a Saturday night chatting up girls/ boys what ever is his thing! not having a care in the world, is on the streets, has just this week been beaten on by some scumbag trying to steal what little he has, he is out there alone, trying to find shelter – how fucking cold was it last night when you were tucked up in your beds? He was unable to get a hostel, was hungry, avoids the soup kitchens because that’s where the druggies hang out offering drugs to him, this young man is struggling against the odds. He is cold and hungry, and just doesn’t deserve it.
I am probably preaching to the converted cos your reading this. Tomorrow morning get up 20 minutes earlier, no get up an hour earlier, yes yes I know you have a schedule. Kids to get to school, but what ever you have to do can you please do this…and this is why I said get up an hour earlier….as you go to work look around you, if you don’t work go into town and look around you. If you see someone on the floor wrapped up in a blanket go over to them, ask them how are you? They probably won’t answer! So ask can I get you a coffee tea? They won’t bloody bite you! But you know you don’t have to save the world! Did you download that ‘heal the world’ single? Did you text Santa? Fuck that buy the a homeless guy or girl a hot drink, an egg buttie! I am not religious as such I believe my higher power will guide my though this addiction I have to battle against but in the name of ‘Christ’ mas help someone right there in front of you….yes setting your alarm at 6 instead of 7 is not a great feeling, but remember when you think fuck that, someone’s son or daughter has spent the night on the streets last night, for the love of God yours might be next…look into your heart find some compassion and rather than give to children in need or what ever give 1 hour of your time, because when you are tucked up in your warm bed there are thousands sleeping on the streets because they CANT get a place in a hostel, they go they queue they register but there just isn’t enough beds. It their fault? Is it? If some one has chosen to be homeless, has chosen to live on the streets, because of their own personal circumstances ( which I doubt btw) they still need human contact they still need food and they still are human!
Once again seasons greetings to you…keep safe keep warm and be grateful for what you have when so many have nothing!
I will return to my story but felt this had to be told…. And to the young man in question keep safe I know you are following me, and thank you for your blog, your courage and strength. You have touched my heart.


3 thoughts on “A bit of perspective

  1. Truly amazing and inspiring. Thank you for posting this. I give my time when i can and I also am friends with the young man too. I admire his strength also and he is truly courageous.


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