Zomie Apocalypse

image I remember one of the first times I went with him to score. It stuck with me just because of the craziness of it all!

He had made a couple of phone calls and we went to the Moss. When you are on the way to get drugs everything is urgent. You have to get there first incase they haven’t brought enough out so this experience stuck with me for many reasons. I obviously knew he was using by now and had been with him a couple of times and dropped him off waited whilst he disappeared and then came back, but this time it was different.

It was day time and light. We had to go up to the Moss estate and make our way to near the allotments. All of a sudden he said turn here, I had been tho the allotments before so when we turned I knew it wasn’t the right way. He made another phone call and after hanging up said fuck turn around! As I was turning he said no back the other way he had seen someone on a bike I assume the person we needed to see. He disappeared through a ginnal, put your foot down he shouted, yeah ok but where am I going? I don’t mind driving fast if I know the road and know where I am going so I can make the needed manoeuvres! He shouted stop!!! And jumped out and ran up the street. Wow what was that about I thought. I pulled over and parked up there were a few lads in hoodies sculking about, one on the phone they ran off in the opposite direction to Karl. Then they came! It was like a zombie movie….they just appeared out of no there was young mothers with buggies young men young women most looked like the living dead! It was like a sea of bodies well more like a wave, but they all had the same look of desperation about them. Hollow faces dead eyes. My God! There must have been about 20 of them I guess. I didn’t count I was just shocked to the core. The 3 lads I had seen running off the other way came back up the hill behind me. I don’t know if you have ever seen someone on their way for drugs, when you know what you are looking for you can spot them a mile off! Hoodies are usually a given! Covers the face. But they have a focus they move fast too. Don’t run often but they do shift

All I could think of was Shaun of the Dead! I know it isn’t funny but the whole futility of it made me laugh. I know that’s wrong but maybe back then all I could do was laugh at the absurdity that I had gotten my self into! In reality I found it very sad, but also shocking, mothers with babies for christs sake! Really??

I don’t remember where I had been to work that day, but probably a police station or maybe Court, and here I was surrounded by druggies going to get their fix, and worse of all my fella was one of them!

The irony of it all!


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