In the beginning there was light!

If 3 years ago you would have said I would end up living with a heroin addict I would have thought you were on drugs yourself!

Oh don’t get me wrong I have had my little dabbles now and again, resin when I was late teens early 20’s a bit of fet to get me thro the odd acid tab. Then came E’s and cocaine, but it was ‘recreational’. That makes it ok doesn’t it! Of course it doesn’t but I was in control right? I had a job ( will go into that later ) so a bit of a kick back at the weekend never hurt anyone.

I might digress into that side of my life later but for now I want to focus on the last couple of years and how heroine addiction became my life.


if there was one day I wish I could relive it’s the 20th May 2012. It was like any other weekend really until I fell over my back door step and landed on a wicker basket that pierced my shin down to the bone. It hurt I think I probably passed out for a couple of seconds but I was on my way for a bottle of red from the kitchen…my mate was waiting for a refill. So up I got and out I went bottle in hand.

‘You ok’

‘ I’m fine!’

‘Your leg is bleeding’

‘yeah I fell into a basket’

‘OMG let me look’ show leg…’erm I think I can see the bone’

‘ ah I’m fine’

‘ no love I don’t think you are I am calling an ambulance ‘

God that’s all I need, going to the hospital on a Sunday night especially when there’s a good bottle of red to have! So friend goes off to call 999 and I neck as much of the wine as I can before the ambulance arrives. Bear with me this is where I meet the love of my life!

I am taken to the hospital triage and cubical. Bored and to be honest a bit pissed I wait to be seen. Opposite me are two a bit younger than me fellas. One is drop dead gorgeous. Entertainment I think to myself.

‘Hi’ I say

‘Hi’ ‘Hi’ they say back.

So why you here? I ask. The one in the bed had torn a muscle in his leg his name was L. His friend was K he was quiet. L was chatty they told me that they were in rehab for heroin addiction. I was blown away that 2 total strangers were being so open and honest about them selves. They seemed such lovely lads Ā but also they both had something about them, it was hard to encapsulate but I think it was optimism hope for the future, they didn’t seem to be ashamed but had humility. I liked them! It’s hard to summarise them they had an edge about them but we’re very respectful. I was drunk at the end of the day and a bit older than them ( 10 years it transpired) but they talked to me told me a bit about themselves. K had to go 10pm curfew. So left. I went out with him and a ciggie and then came back in. L was taken up to a ward, he had had a thrombosis when he was using and so they wanted to monitor him. I got bored discharged myself and went back the next day to get my stitches.. L had given me his phone number I texted him to see what was going on. They wanted to keep him in. I was knackered so went home and went to bed!

I had no idea how that encounter was going to change my life forever.


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